creating authentic and compelling brands from the inside out

creating authentic and compelling brands from the inside out

The inspiration for the name Ammonista comes from a life-long fascination with ammonites, organic mineral fossils of ancient sea invertebrates that lived over 400 million years ago. If a tiny squid-like creature can make such an amazing impression that is being admired millions of years later, imagine what kind of imprint a purposeful human can make?



Ammonista conspires with companies to excavate the most meaning out of their brands and express them in authentic, substantive and sustainable ways --- inspiring irrationally loyal fans in the process.

In short, it's building the brand from the inside out, starting with what’s intensively burning in the bellies of the company leadership that may serve as a beacon to attract the like-hearted.


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Pat Johnson has spent the last 25 years directing some of the best brands in the business, as founder of nationally-acclaimed creative ad agency NORTH and principal strategist of Ammonista.

Pat is often willing to ask the honest questions of senior leadership regarding business and product design in an effort to deconstruct and reinvent the way a brand delivers on its promise. She currently brings her thought leadership to global health care, renewable energy and technology companies by sharpening their brand strategies and eliminating the gaps between their realities and perceptions.

Her ideal partnership is with companies who believe that commerce and a sense of purpose are not mutually exclusive.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Pat is a former Student Body President of both her high school and college and Portland Advertising Federation President. Currently, she serves as a University of Portland Regent and sits on the boards of several other creative and technology firms.

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brand experience

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