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Exercise as Muse

Can Regular Downward Dogs can make me 60% more creative?

“The physical state of our bodies can either serve or subvert the quest to create genius. We all know this intuitively.” Read more

As if it wasn't enough that regular exercise keeps your heart happy and body strong, Fast Company resurrects the ancient hypothesis guided by the great scholars, writers, thinkers of Grecian times, that physical exercise and the consistent discipline of it actually plays a key role as 'muse' for creators, artists and inventors of all kinds.

The key take from the article is uncomfortably familiar:  "The physical state of our bodies can either serve or subvert the quest to create genius. We all know this intuitively. But with rare exceptions, because life seems to value output over the humanity of the process and the ability to sustain genius, attention to health, fitness, and exercise almost always take a back seat.  That's tragic. Choosing art over health rather than art fueled by health kills you faster; it also makes the process so much more miserable and leads to poorer, slower, less innovative, and shallower creative output."


Read the entire article here (really, it will inspire, creative one).

Then later, when you're hunched over your Macbook for the third night in a row, wrangling that last bit of creative writing into submission, nothing like some yoga to get your blood circulating through your body and your brain.

Nothing a warrior pose can’t solve, future Kerouac.

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