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5 Mega-Trends for the Next Decade

5 Mega-Trends for the Next Decade. Feature Story in The Ammonista Report Winter 2014. Business + Life + Design

No question the ‘internet of things’ is exponentially affecting the way we work, the rate at which we produce and how we relate to others (including ourselves). The underlying effect is permeating; namely the cultural deconstruction of our structures and boundaries– as much more is taking place outside our physical buildings, businesses, learning institutions and infrastructure. Additionally, our families, neighborhoods and villages are no longer restricted by geography – which means our social and emotional ‘tribes’, along with our personal circles of influence, has the potential for much wider expansion and reach.

Some tout the benefit of this new era of information access and virtual intuitiveness as a facilitator of smarter, faster, fuller lives. Others warn against the inevitable erosion of the quality of our human connections, personal privacy and collective discernment as a society. Whatever your proclivity, these mega trends are here to stay and represent the ‘new normal’ in our culture --- we can’t unring the bells that progressive companies have been ringing loud and clear as they create new standards for how business gets done. The good news? A company’s authentic and sincere efforts to incorporate just one trend is enough to warrant consumer affinity for life. Pick the one most relevant to your brand and go deep. Really deep. And see how merrily your customers will follow. Read the full report here.

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