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It Happens Only Once A Year – What’s Next Leadership Retreat accepting reservations for 2014

@ Miraval

When Vicky and I first conspired on an executive leadership retreat, our intention was to help senior managers and business owners create a ‘lighthouse’ brand for themselves – one based authentically upon their personal purpose – and one that reflects the values, philosophies and thought leadership they wish to express to the world. 

We also knew that our ‘place’ should also be special – one that promotes the deconstruction of that which no longer serves us – and one that reminds us of the wisdom that already resides in us.  To that end, Miraval is truly a mindful place that exponentially inspires our work.

Our What’s Next Leadership Retreat shares the best practices in our professional careers in group sessions, deepens the work in one-on-one’s, creates a safe place for the shared wisdom of our group and curates special guests and experiences designed to inspire.  Hear what this year’s retreat attendees had to say:

After a week at the What’s Next Leadership retreat, I am a more focused and valuable leader. It is clear that this is a retreat for leaders, not followers. I found the clarity of intention, purpose and action what I was looking for. Pat and Vicky are excellent facilitators and I will highly recommend this experience to my clients and colleagues. Thank you for the added power.  ~ TS

I came with no expectations. What I took away was a life-changing experience. I highly recommend this retreat, it was truly invaluable – both Vicky and Pat have such tremendous insights, care deeply and have unique and complimentary skills.  I not only connected with the other attendees, I connected with myself and this is big for me.  ~ DL

A week at Miraval was a rare opportunity to invest in myself … mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Vicky and Pat curated a very thoughtful week-long retreat and Miraval provided the perfect setting to allow for a lot of powerful self-reflection (and a good bit of relaxation as well!)  I feel fortunate to have had this time to re-charge and focus on the kind of life I want to live moving forward.  ~ AT

I just wanted to let you both know that my investment in myself has paid many dividends just in the first 30 days after our retreat. Mostly in a way of thinking and being – including astute awareness about being present - particularly through tough times at work. Grounded in my purpose and plan, I have two projects outlined and am expecting an offer for a national promotion in the next couple of weeks.  ~ LP

What's Next   executive leadership retreat 2014 at  Miraval in Arizona .

Limited to 12 participants

Miraval Resort

2014 Retreat Itinerary

Reserve your place here 
(refundable through May 31st)


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