a collection of dear ammonista q+a

how to get my team unstuck?

I have a company of 35 employees and we are focused on both the optimization of our product and, of course, sales and marketing. We are doing "ok," yet we are not gaining market share and seem stuck in a malaise of 'good enough'.

What can I do, as a leader, to build momentum with my company to sustain growth?  How do I foster a culture of consistent effort and success?  How can I truly inspire my team and get them collaborating effectively together?

Don't get me wrong. My team is good. I just know they can be better. - Stagnated in Seattle

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Passion or paycheck?

After 15 years in my industry, I find myself in that place where I’m really good at what I do and have built a strong reputation – but absolutely not as excited about my work as I once was.  I’d like to pursue some other things that I'm more passionate about – but nervous about starting all over again.  How do I jump tracks and give up my hard-earned success? Anxious in Austin.


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To Groupon or not?

I have a retail business outside of San Francisco and was considering using Groupon for my business, though I’ve heard mixed results. What do you think?  ~ Skeptical in San Francisco

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