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Elevator Speech?

Dear Ammonista,

Every time I get asked about myself or my company, I end up talking too much and saying too little. Can you help me with my ‘elevator pitch’? ~ Verbose in Vancouver

Dear Verbose,

It happens all the time, that hesitant pause after, ‘what does your company do?’ or ‘what kind of work do you do?’  Which is often followed by a stammering list of services, how long the company’s been around or maybe even a recent recognition as an after thought (because we wouldn’t want to appear as braggarts).  And because we’re often so self-focused about the question, we’re not even realizing that one minute in, the asker has already lost interest and probably won’t be inviting you to their open house next month.  

Consider these tips:

  1. Communicate vision and value vs. features and attributes.  No one is looking for an oral brochure when asking that question.  And no one is expecting a compelling, inspiring vision when asking that question.  Surprise them with the latter.

  2. Companies (and people) demonstrating concern for a cause bigger than the company itself are much more interesting.  Figuring out how your company is part of a bigger mission or cause in the world is much more inspiring – and ultimately, engaging. 

  3. Make it easy to repeat and share.  Less is more – keep it simple, compelling and repeatable. Reputation grows with each person who can share your story.

In our over-stimulated and ‘sound-bite’ world, information is coming from all directions. The discipline you apply to communicating your unique vision for yourself and your company elevates your chances of being compelling and memorable. Onward and upward. ~ Ammonista

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