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how to get my team unstuck?

Image Courtesy: b2bmarketinginsider.com

Image Courtesy: b2bmarketinginsider.com

Dear Ammonista,

I have a company of 35 employees and we are focused on both the optimization of our product and, of course, sales and marketing. We are doing "ok," yet we are not gaining market share and seem stuck in a malaise of 'good enough'.

What can I do, as a leader, to build momentum with my company to sustain growth?  How do I foster a culture of consistent effort and success?  How can I truly inspire my team and get them collaborating effectively together?

Don't get me wrong. My team is good. I just know they can be better. ~ Stagnated in Seattle


Dear Stagnated,

Image Courtesy: actionforbetterhealthcare.com

Image Courtesy: actionforbetterhealthcare.com

The first step is to be self-aware, as it all begins with you.  The vision and values communicated by the leader will determine the company's trajectory.  Often, if company leaders are too lofty or out of touch about the company's capabilities, they run the risk of their teams not following them.  Conversely, if the company vision is too myopic and tactical, a lot of precious energy can be spent chasing barely incremental results.  The key here is to define a vision with the proper tension - aspirational enough to inspire and yet within reach to motivate and build momentum.

I'm often asked how to improve a company's reputation, performance or culture (here's a hint:  they're all intertwined) and my answer is always the same:  Demonstrate care and concern for matters bigger than the company itself.  Other than commerce, what does your company stand for?  What is the company's potential impact to leave the world a slightly better place?  Public opinion surveys have reported that more 85% of consumers believe business should be involved in social causes and over 90% would support companies that had a higher purpose.  Purpose-driven companies have increased clarity, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, public goodwill and reputation.  The most authentic and meaningful way to get your team unstuck is to have a clear and compelling sense of purpose.  Keep excavating until you find it. ~ Ammonista






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