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Root Whole Body: a Manifesto

I am a healthy,
whole, beautiful

But sometimes I forget that.

When I get in a rut and
don’t workout for awhile;

when I put my kids’ needs
before my own;

when work gets the best of me;

when I forget to stop,
just stop, and breathe;

when I forget to get
outside and marvel in all
the beauty around me;

when I put a clean, perfect
house over having friends over;

when I cover up my natural beauty 
with too much makeup;

when I’m running around
thinking everyone needs me
(except me);

when I rush, rush, rush;

when I’m arguing with my family
instead of laughing with them;

when I drink too much;

when I play too little;

when I start blaming
everyone around me;

when I stop learning new things;

when I ignore that little
voice inside me that’s
usually right;

when I criticize myself for
ten pounds here or there;

when I think my ass
is too big,

my breasts are too small,

hips too wide,

or belly too soft;

when I believe naysayers
around me;

when I don’t make time
for myself.

I need a place to




get grounded,

get inspired,

take care of myself,

slow down,


and remember,

I am a healthy,
whole, beautiful being.

This was written before Root Whole Body opened its doors and serves as a manifest to why we're here