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Making Personal Health Happen

A thought-provoking invitation to health care companies via Eric Dishman at TED.

An extremely personal and compelling story from a leading medical tech specialist suggesting bold ideas to reinvent the health care system – starting with taking our health into our own hands and migrating towards a ‘personal health network’ model of care.

According to Dishman, with 80% of medical errors being communications and coordination issues amongst medical team members, we need to go “beyond the paradigm of isolated specialists doing ‘parts’ care to multi-disciplinary teams doing ‘person’ care.”

“Uncoordinated care is expensive at best and deadly at worst,” says Dishman. Hear more of his thought-leadership on three important pillars of his proposed movement: Care Anywhere, Care Networking and Care Customization. If you’re in the health care industry – or at a health company period – completely worth the time.

Source: http://www.ted.com/speakers/eric_dishman.h...