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The Ammonista Report - Fall 2015

The Sharing Economy - the Future of Commerce

Got a notion to fly a nice drone but don't want to drop eight grand? Just jump on your local sharing network and contact Bob, down the street...he'll hook you up with his FREEFLY Alta quadcopter for a few hours, essentially hassle free. Pay him just fifty bucks, sign a waiver, and try not to crash it. He assumes all the financial risk in purchasing the expensive toy, keeping it in top condition and storing it – which is far simpler and less expensive for those who 'have the itch' only a few times a year.

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5 trends every manufacturer must know

When it comes to surviving and thriving in the manufacturing industry these days, a company can no longer simply manufacture and sell an analog product and expect to connect with customers in the fashion they now demand. Customizable, programmable, IoT compatible...these are some of the new, operative terms that manufacturers must consider in the fundamental design of any new product. Failure to do so is to invite a progressively-dwindling customer base.

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Jet.com rivals Amazon and Costco

Look out Amazon! Look out CostcoTarget and Walmart!...here comes Jet.com. Raising over $255 million even before its public launch, Silicon Valley's Jet.com is the latest in the online retail space and they seek to save you money. Indeed, that is their strategy, noting they ofer lower prices over Amazon and its kind for bulk goods, as well as additional discounts for other, consumer-opted behaviours. For example, choosing to buy two products from the same source vs. two diferent sources. Unique in its approach, Jet.com looks to shake things up in the consumer retail world.

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putting 3-d printing in novice hands

The advent of 3D printing is all the rage these days. The drop in 3D printer prices, coupled with more powerful features, is driving this true and remarkable trend. The ability to design and/or print a seeming limitless variety of objects right in one's own garage is simply too alluring.

Presently, one can easily buy a 3D printer, download print ready fles of the web, buy necessary raw materials (for the printer itself) and viola!...a custom object. Yet it is the design of the fles themselves that is the one remaining bottleneck. Design, up to this point, has been a highly-technical task.

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The Missing Link for Future Generations

As humans we are inextricably-tied to the outdoors. Of course, this makes absolute sense as we began life outside, in the forests, on the savannahs. We used to entirely subscribe to, and be ruled by, the laws of nature. In fact, at the turn of the century, nature was our livelihood as an agricultural society. However, as humankind entered into the Industrial Revolution and has progressed techonologically in the Information Age, we've begun to drift in our connection with the natural world. Most recently, our increasing dependency on "all things digital" has caused many of us to nearly un-plug from nature altogether.

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The Ammonista Report - Fall 2014

A powerful question for brands to answer in 2015: what are you prepared to sacrifice to gain meaning and loyalty with your customer? 

The hardest word to say in business, especially sales, is ‘NO’. In a world of ‘we can do it’, who’s asking the critical questions of whether we ‘should’? Or if the increased sales and delivery distracts our resources away from our core purpose? Truth is, brands can’t be all things to all people – and those that try to be basically stand for nothing.

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How Compelling is Your 'Why'?

In his TED talk, Simon Sinek challenges how most companies talk about themselves – long on what they do or how they do it, but short on the ‘why’ – the inspirational and aspirational opportunity to ‘lead’ the hearts and minds of their employees, customer and yes, the marketplace.

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Exercise as Muse

Can Regular Downward Dogs can make me 60% more creative? “The physical state of our bodies can either serve or subvert the quest to create genius. We all know this intuitively.” Read More.

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Nothing can Keep Drones Grounded

David Weekly represents a new generation of seed investor. He’s young, smart, hyper-connected, and has access to some of the very best deals in Silicon Valley. But these days, there is only one place he’s putting his money. In drones. In fact, Weekly is so enamored with drone technology, he launched his very own funding syndicate, drone.vc, which plans to invest up to $250,000 per deal in five to 10 drone-related startups every year.

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Sounds of Street View

Launched in August 2014, Sounds of Street View is a project from UK-based hearing aid specialist Amplifon. Combining Google Maps with audio footage, the free online experience automatically adds site-specific sounds to different locations, with three available at launch; France, Hawaii and California.

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It Happens Only Once A Year – What’s Next Leadership Retreat accepting reservations for 2014

What’s Next Leadership Retreat accepting reservations for 2014

When Vicky and I first conspired on an executive leadership retreat, our intention was to help senior managers and business owners create a ‘lighthouse’ brand for themselves – one based authentically upon their personal purpose – and one that reflects the values, philosophies and thought leadership they wish to express to the world.

We also knew that our ‘place’ should also be special – one that promotes the deconstruction of that which no longer serves us...

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5 Mega-Trends for the Next Decade

No question the ‘internet of things’ is exponentially affecting the way we work, the rate at which we produce and how we relate to others (including ourselves). The underlying effect is permeating; namely the cultural deconstruction of our structures and boundaries– as much more is taking place outside our physical buildings, businesses, learning institutions and infrastructure. Additionally, our families, neighborhoods and villages are no longer restricted by geography – which means our social and emotional ‘tribes’, along with our personal circles of influence, has the potential for much wider expansion and reach.

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The Importance of Elsewhere

One of the most important appetites my now departed mother transferred to me was that of travel. Being of Chinese origin, she always placed the highest value on education - and unbeknownst to me at the time – our annual trips became global courses in history, culture, humanity and compassion. Throughout various times of my life, travel became my insurance policy...

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The Age of Infographics

Infographics, data visualization, or as I like to call it, ‘visual sound bites’ are definitely on the rise – due to its ability to take complex ideas or research and synthesize it into a concise visual communication. And as the internet brings us unprecedented access to information – infographics are being used to provide digestible chunks of information to inspire, education, market or entertain.

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Making Every Day Thanksgiving - A personal story

While cleaning out a closet the other day, I stumbled upon a familiarly frayed journal that had been a close confidant during my bout with cancer over fifteen years ago.

Thumbing through the pages, it felt like a different time and space – almost like I was reading about someone else rather than myself – yet the memories and references are a bit too familiar to ignore.  And while viscerally impossible for emotions not to swell up as I peruse my most intimate thoughts, I noticed a definite pattern to each entry - albeit long or short, each entry ended with a 1-2-3-4-5 of what I was grateful for that day.

Each day’s list told me much about the state of mind I was in. ...

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